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IMDB STARMeter indicates your worldwide popularity based on the number of unique individuals that visit your IMDB page. IMDBStars guarantees to place you on the exclusive "Top 5000" ranking for $9.95.

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IMDB releases it's STARMeter ranking every Monday. Our exclusive low price will guarantee your IMDB "Top 5000" STARMeter ranking for a period of one week (Monday to Sunday). Order every week if you like and stay in the top 5000.

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Industry professionals and fans in Hollywood and around the world visit IMDB to view information on Actors, Actresses, Movies, and TV Shows. This allows you much higher visibility to Casting Directors, Directors, Producers, and Fans.

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IMDB visibility is worldwide. It indicates to fans and industry movers your level of popularity. This is also an excellent way of attracting attention to obtain theatrical or commercial representation if you are currently not represented.

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Have your talent roster listed on IMDB's "Top 5000" STARMeter. At our price, you can't go wrong. Have your actors and actresses noticed by more Casting Directors, Directors, Producers, and Fans.

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Package 1

Promote yourself and your career by distributing your latest work, film, or career move. Have your Press Release manually distributed to more than 25 online press release sites. Your press release will be picked up and displayed online by all major search engines. Keywords entered into your press release will be searchable by search engines. Please note that this process is permanent. Once we have submitted your press release it spreads throughout the internet, which means that this process cannot be undone.

Package 2

This package includes everything in Package 1 IN ADDITION TO distribution of your press release to over 500 Television, Radio, Magazine, and News Media outlets. Your release will be personally addressed to all media described. Our exclusive package will typically cost you upwards of $1,000.00 by PR Firms. Please note that this process is permanent. Once we have submitted your press release it spreads quickly and is a process that cannot be undone.

Once you have purchased the package of your choosing, please email your press release to:

Your press release can be emailed by directly cutting and pasting the release within the email or as a Word attachment. Please make sure your press release is a maximum of 500 words. Your Press Release may include up to 2 URL Links within it (websites) and up to 5 KEYWORDS. Please put the keywords in the order of importance, with the first keyword being the most important and the last keyword being the least important. URL Links should be included within the press release itself and keywords should be written at the bottom (separate from the press release text).

As a reminder, once we have submitted your press release, we cannot undo the process, so please be sure of what you would like released and check for spelling mistakes. Please feel free to email any questions to

If you do not know how to write a release, here is a quick sample and explanation on a different site:

Sample Press Release

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